Back To School – best way to prepare for going back to classes

The last days of summer break are time for preparation to return to school.

Have you ever asked yourself what products do you need for school to improve studying or teaching? What will come in handy during the school year? In this article, we will try to bring this topic closer and help you choose the right

assortment. Regardless if you are a teacher or a student!

Magnetic overlay sheets

Magnetic overlay sheets are a clever solution that will save you a lot of time and space. These overlays are fully magnetic, thanks to which you can quickly stick it to the whiteboard and use it straight away. They are fully dry and erasable! It is a modern solution that will expand the spectrum of possibilities of your classic school whiteboard. They stick to all kinds of magnetic boards and flipcharts. We trust that this will be a valuable teaching aid for math classes (grid and coordinate system overlay sheets), music classes (staff overlay sheet) or to teach writing (ruled overlay sheet).

Except for already prepared products ready to be sold, each of these can be prepared in an individual custom order with a non-standard size or print!

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METALboard is a product that combines great looks and functionality

These boards are fully dry-wipe, you can easily write or draw on them. They are made of a light metal sheet, which allows you to attach various notes or photos to the board using magnets. We offer various designs of METALboards, thanks to which the selected graphics will easily fit into a specific interior

In addition to colourful METALboards with prints, we also offer the same product as magnetic whiteboard or chalkboard

We can also make this product with our own personalized print

Do not hesitate to contact us!

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Magnetic whiteboards

Whiteboards with a classic, white varnished surface which has dry-wipe properties – you can write on it with whiteboard markers, and the text can be easily wiped off with a eraser or a cloth

Our whiteboards are also magnetic – magnets can be attached to their surfaces, as well as accessories and other teaching magnetic aids (such as magnetic frames, maps, planners)

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2 in 1 – that is COMBI

You have no space for more than whiteboard and cork board, but need two different surfaces?

Now that’s not a problem anymore!

COMBI boards are a combination of two different surfaces: a classic dry-wipe white magnetic board with a fabric board (in blue or grey) or a cork board, or a black magnetic chalkboard with a cork board

One product offers us several functions that can be used depending on your needs!

The whiteboard part of the has dry-wipe magnetic properties. The cork and felt parts can be used with push pins and thumbtacks. Chalkboard option also has a magnetic coating so it is possible to use it with magnets and write on it with chalk or chalk markers

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While the above part of the article was more for students we have many amazing products for teachers and schools! Appropriate tools and school equipment help to convey knowledge more easily and make classes more interesting.  In order to do so take a closer look at below equipment list:

Triptych / triple whiteboards

These boards are mostly known to us from almost every classroom. These types of product have a main surface and folded wings. Our offer includes a triptych whiteboard with a white magnetic surface

Depending on the needs and size of the room, the boards are available in many sizes, including non-standard ones

Check them out here

P3 ceramic magnetic whiteboards

P3 ceramic boards are characterized by a semi-matte, scratch-resistant surface, which in special cases can be used as a projection screen (in a darkened room). This surface are abrasion resistant and has magnetic properties

Check out the entire offer of P3 ceramic boards


No space to hang the whiteboard? Need a mobile whiteboard that you can take and place anywhere?

Here we have our flipcharts offer!

Flipcharts are portable magnetic whiteboards that can also be used as a frame for block flipchart pads.

This product usually comes installed on a tripod or a stand with castors, which, thanks to their solid structure, lightness and mobility, can be easily moved between or around a room.

Similar to whiteboards they have varnished white surfaces which have dry-wipe and magnetic properties.

Some of the flipcharts are additionally equipped with two folding arms, which can be used to hang sheets of paper, leaving space for quick notes. The sheets of paper are attached to the arms with magnets or special clips.

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