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Dry-wipe magnetic panel ?

White magnetic panels are a great alternative to traditional magnetic boards. The frameless design gives them a modern look that fits perfectly into any interior.

The ultra-white, magnetic surface is ideal for presenting any types of content with the possibility of using traditional whiteboard markers and magnets.

Our magnetic panels enable clear and transparent presentation of information, while giving the surroundings a modern design.

The magnetic panel is made of 3mm thick composite laminate. Panel it is white, work perfectly with magnets and is easy to dry-wipe it surface.

Advantages of magnetic panels:

  • Extremely smooth, white, magnetic and dry-wipe surface
  • Low weight but rigid structure: a square meter of the magnetic panel weighs only 6.50 kg
  • Due to the lack of a frame perfect for large wall compositions
  • Manufacturer’s warranty



Mounting with screws and plugs

Magnetic panels are fixed on the wall with screws and wall plugs. The choice of screw is not accidental, because after the mounting the panels is completed, they are covered with dedicated plugs matching the colour of the panel (plugs included with the panel).

Mounting with glue

Magnetic panels could be mounted on the wall with special glue and high-strength montage adhesives. Before hanging the panel, the surface must be as smooth, clean and free from any kinds of dirt or dust.

The glue is applied to the surface of the board, paying special attention to applying an even force along the entire length of the board.

Mounting with neodymium magnets

This type of mounting allows you to additionally hide the screw and the plug: neodymium magnets (with high magnetic force) are mounted on the wall. The panels are then placed on the wall where remains attached to the magnets. The number of neodymium magnets needed for this type of mounting depends on the size of the panel.

We recommend that when you using this type of fixing you place the magnets close to the corners, and at a regular distance from each other.

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