Magnetic METALboard – design your own

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Custom made boards ?

The market for magnetic whiteboards, chalkboard and bulletin boards offers a wide range of products in the most popular sizes. However thanks to the feedback we receive from our customers we know that this is not enough.

Very often, buyers are looking for boards in different dimensions than those available as a standard size. If you are one of those customers, discover our offer of customised boards and tell us what product will best suits your needs!

The advantages of custom-made board:

  • Possibility to choose from different types of frames
  • Ideal for unusual spaces and special projects
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty!

Boards with custom print ✏️

Additional option to creating boards with specific dimensions, we also offer the possibility of making a personalized print– it could be a company logo, a calendar, a photo also a grid or ruled surface, these are just a few examples.

Advantages of custom-printed boards:

  • High-quality print resistant to abrasion and fading
  • Professional application according to your project and your needs
  • Manufacturer’s warranty!
  • Practically no project limits


Magnetic Boards METALboard


NO COMPROMISES – the innovative MetalBoard allows you to attach any type of magnets to it! Commemorative magnets, traditional magnets, neodymium magnets and other magnetic accessories will work with the board! The board is also fully dry-wipeable, you can write on it with dry-erase markers.

LIGHT AND SAFE – the steel material used makes the whole structure light however still durable. Thanks to the folded edges of the sheet, the board has smooth sides and is safe to use.

EASY ASSEMBLY – the magnetic MetalBoard has two holes in each corner. This allows effortless mounting in both orientation: vertical and horizontal! Diameters of the holes allow you to use nails as well as screws depending on the surface it will be placed on.

REALISTIC APPEARANCE – thanks to the unique manufacturing technique, the printed graphics has an extremely realistic appearance and perfectly presents every smallest detail that makes up the image.

UNIQUE DECORATION – a metal picture with an imprint will perfectly perform as an interesting and unconventional decoration.

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