Neodymium magnets for glass boards

Glass products from ALLboards are very special products. Their high quality, aesthetics, combination of the simplicity of glass and modern design that’s what made these whiteboards successfully reach our clients homes and offices. Glass items from our catalog are safe, easy to clean, and most importantly – functional. GLASSboards are whiteboards which, in addition to have dry-wipe surface (you can write on them with whiteboard markers), also have magnetic properties. However, it should be remembered that not all types of magnets will work with them. In this case, only special neodymium magnets are needed.


Due to the outer layer of tempered glass, the magnetic layer in the GLASSboards series is slightly weakened. So not every magnet will be suitable to work on glass boards. Travel enthusiasts may be a a tad disappointed in this case, as their commemorative magnets will not attach to them. However, glass boards still fulfil their magnetic functions, when used with special high magnetic force magnets. Neodymium magnets.


Due to their magnetic strength, neodymium magnets are an ideal solution for glass. With their use, you can conveniently present notes or reminders on your glass board. Usually, each product from the GLASSboards series comes with a starter kit which includes neodymium magnets. If you wish to buy more, please visit the [ACCESSORIES] tab in our store website, where various types of neodymium magnets are available.


Neodymium magnets are special products. When using them, you should remember about a few important things:
  • using too large neodymium magnets, due to their weight, may damage the glass layer – we recommend to pay attention to this when buying them;
  • attachind and detaching magnets should be done by sliding rather than dropping;
  • should not be used in the case of magnetic boards with varnished or ceramic coating – they may damage the whiteboard surface;
  • should be kept away from children – as a rule, these magnets are small and may be swallowed by a child, you should also be careful for cuts when using them (strong attraction can trap and cut skin);
  •  are brittle, so you should be extremely careful when connecting them;
  • due to their strong magnetization, should be kept away from electronic devices.


Glass boards from the GLASSboards series are an offer for all those who value elegance and functionality. These boards look great, you can write on them, and thanks to neodymium magnets, you can also easily attach any notes and other aids to them. We encourage you to check the ALLboards offer, both [GLASS MAGNETIC BOARDS] and special [NEODYMIUM MAGNETS].

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