Self-adhesive sticky-notes – discover modern solutions.

Traditional, yellow sticky notes have been with us for years. They fulfil many useful functions, which made them mandatory at every home, office, and school. We present a complete novelty which will revolutionise such a popular product. Checkout our reusable sticky notes that are the future thanks to their unique features! 

Electrostatic and reusable sticky notes look very similar to traditional ones, but they differ significantly in their rich functionality.

Thanks to the electrostatic surface, they can be attached to any surface without leaving a residue of glue. Repeatedly stick on and off on glass, wood, furniture, mirrors, bricks, walls and whiteboards. They do not leave any residue on the surface to which they have been sticked.

Made of a special material, they do not roll up or lift during use and allow you to easily remove them and apply to other places without damage. 

Another important and at the same time innovative feature is that you can dry-wipe whiteboard marker of them.

Self-adhesive electrostatic notes allow you to repeatedly write on them with whiteboard markers, and then easily erase and reuse them, same as on whiteboards. At the same time, they are less harming to environment as they are sustainable and reusable. 

Reusable sticky notes from ALLboards are unique and can be widely used. They are extremely valuable help in trainings, business meetings or during everyday work in the office or school. They inspire creative thinking, effective teamwork or brainstorming in the office.

Thanks to easy application on surfaces, they allow for functional use in various places. They are also perfect at home, where there is a need to save the most important information to remember. Attach it to the wall, fridge door or whiteboard and be sure that you will not forget anything.

Use for creative play with children, for labelling boxes or any other objects. We offer different colour versions to match any interior. Choose from: traditional yellow, pastel colours, regular colours or white – match the colour to your goals and ways of using the sticky notes. 

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