Spring cleaning, or how to refresh the interior with taste?

Spring has arrived, and many of us are preparing for spring cleaning. For many people, this is the time not only to get rid of the clutter accumulated over the year, but also to refresh the interior. Often, we repaint the walls, buy new furniture, get some new and interesting decorations

How to refresh the interior with taste 

We have few suggestions!?

Trendy arrangements inspired by nature work well in any interior. Wallpapers or tiles with floral motifs are a timeless trend. For several years, animal and wooden patterns have also appeared at our houses. Themes and patterns inspired by nature will add freshness to our interiors in spring. They have a relaxing and calming effect, especially after a long winter with less sun and shorter days

Glass paintings with wooden motifs will not only be an elegant decoration, but also can create the wild forest like atmosphere. Match the type of wood to the character of your interior and choose dark wood, old wood, or wood grain print on a glass magnetic board. For fans of floral motifs, the perfect decoration will be a monstera pattern, which has become the most popular plant among of all times. Characteristic large leaves fit perfectly in the kitchen, living room and bedroom. 

If you plan to give a raw character to your interiors, it is worth trying industrial materials such as concrete, marble, rust, or stone. Decorations with these motifs are a perfect background for the entire interior. They fit both the bedroom, living room and even the kitchen or bathroom.

Magnetic frameless whiteboard with concrete pattern will be a perfect substitute for this raw material, which is quite expensive. Imitation of concrete in form of a frameless whiteboard or a glass picture will be perfect, especially when we do not want to do a thorough renovation by changing the structure of the walls. On the other hand, the white brick design, thanks to its universality, will fit into both industrial and rustic, retro, minimalist, contemporary or even classic styles. 

Are you wondering how to refresh the interior with taste? ?

se the extremely fashionable anthracite motif by hanging magnetic whiteboard with this print on the wall or placing a glass protective splashback on the wall, which show the depth of the dark shade of grey. They will perfectly fit into interiors with contrasting colours to avoid monotony and give character to our apartments. Raw design is one of the most interesting ways to finish walls in our rooms. Glass pictures with a golden marble or a brick design are great idea for an original bedroom, kitchen or living room. 

When thinking about how to refresh the interior with taste, you do not necessarily have to be guided only by the appearance. Sometimes everyday practicality will be more important. When doing spring cleaning, it is worth focusing on whiteboards or glass boards, which are an extremely useful tool for planning and organizing our day.

Particularly practical will be combi noticeboards that have two different surfaces. At the same time, we can write important information to remember on the dry-wipe whiteboard part and attach photos, receipts, tickets to the cork surface. For fans of unusual solutions, choose a white, black, or grey cork. Match the colour of the frame to the style of your interiors.

Choose a combination of cork and chalk or felt and dry erase surfaces to maximize the whiteboard’s potential as an elegant planning space. 

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