Long autumn evenings – check how to enjoy this time with our boards ?

Autumn evenings do not have to be boring! ??

Many people, staying at home, wonder how to spend time more creatively?

We come with ideas that will allow you to make evenings more fun in the privacy of your home.

All the ideas that came to our minds are very simple solutions using our functional whiteboards or chalkboards.

Spending time with the family on autumn evenings can be fun, but what if we don’t have any pre-made games with us? ?♟️

    Our boards come with help! Regardless of the type, whether it will be a magnetic white board, chalk board or glass board, each one will be perfect

Fancy a game of Ludo or Checkers? Or maybe snakes and ladders? No problem.

Use the board as the base for your game! Draw the fields on the board with dry-erase markers or chalk, set it flat on the table and enjoy great gameplay. The simplest homemade items can be used as pawn pieces for the game!

No limits to your creativity! ?

And what if we do not want to sit at board games and would rather spend this time a little more actively? ✍??

We have found a solution for that too!

Flipcharts – great for Pictionary!

You can write on them with dry-erase markers, so you can easily write and wash off drawings or written text, without wasting a ton of paper.

You can also easily save the scores from board games or from the game on the console.

A tournament ladder in your favourite sports game on the leader board? Now that’s not a problem anymore!

Write, draw, colour ! ?

It is well known that kids love to colour and draw

Why not stimulate their creativity and make the time spent together? ???

Les tableaux pour bébé peuvent être utilisées de plusieurs façons. En plus de l’écriture ou du dessin traditionnels, préparez des activités intéressantes pour votre enfant !

KIDSBoards can be used in many ways. In addition to traditional writing or drawing, prepare interesting activities for your child! ?️

Not having a colouring page doesn’t have to be a problem! Draw an interesting shape on the blackboard and let your child be creative in colouring!

You can also use the blackboard in an educational way. Help the child explain things , teach them to count or how to spell words.

And if you want to just spend some time together, suggest drawing your family ! ‍??‍??

All these activities will be facilitated by our two-sided KIDSboards.

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