Pavement signs

Pavement signs – promotional boards for every business

A pavement sign also known as A-board is a type of small-sized advertising board with legs. Due to its compact size, it is easy to carry and fit into the chosen space - both indoors and outdoors. A characteristic feature of the product is that when set up, it resembles the shape of the letter A. It is a popular advertising medium chosen by representatives of many industries. Its surface is typically used to promote products and services.

Advertising sandwich boards in various variants

This product is available in many versions, which makes it easy to find the perfect one for your needs. Classics such as chalk pavement signs with a black surface continue to enjoy great popularity. It comes as no surprise that thanks to outdoor sign boards you can quickly and easily encourage passers-by to enter your premises, inform them about the latest offers, or the dish of the day. If the board is exposed to external factors, be sure to choose a waterproof pavement sign - an outdoor sign board must be adequately protected against the elements. Aluminium sandwich board signs and wooden pavement signs are versions of the product that differ in their frame materials. Aluminium frames often come with less standard pavement signs like open-insert-close. This attention-grabbing model works especially well as poster displays in theatres, museums, or cinemas. Products available in the ALLboards offer come in three sizes- 100x60 cm, 118x61 cm, and 150x61 cm - and in various formats. Check out A1 and A2 pavement signs or B1 and B2 pavement signs to decide which size is most suitable for your needs. If you can't find the right one, contact us, and we will produce a custom-made board for you according to your individual preferences.

Why should you have a pavement board?

Sometimes preparation time and message simplicity are the key factors in advertising. This is when pavement boards become indispensable. Their usefulness is reflected in the ability to quickly inform about new offers, super deals, or even the Wi-Fi password. Often, their surface is also used to write humorous slogans, through which a company can stand out in the market and attract more customers. Due to their dry erase properties, all promotional texts and slogans can be easily removed with a sponge or cloth and updated.
Advertising sandwich boards appear in our space almost every day - they are a standard in the hotel and catering sector (HoReCa). These small boards are often seen in spacious hotel lobbies, restaurants, cafes, and in front of bakeries, but also florists or greengrocers. Decorated with funny messages, they invite you inside and encourage you to take advantage of the offer. Used as an advertising medium, they can support any type of business, and in household rooms, such as a child's room, they will become a great place for creative play and learning to write and draw.
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