Textile bulletin boards

Textile bulletin boards

The textile boards from our offer are made of the highest quality fabric and with anodized (anti-greying) aluminium frames, finished with plastic corners to ensure easy assembly. Our offer contain textile boards in 2 colours: grey and blue (4 colors: gray, blue, red and green). Any pamphlets, notes and documents can be attached to the board with pins or Velcro applications.

Our store offers textile boards in various sizes, from 60x40cm to 240x120cm. A wide range of sizes and available colours allows you to choose the board to contrast, match or blend at any interior.

Bulletin boards covered with fabric are perfect for schools, kindergartens, as well as at home - in a child's room. Hanged above the desk, helps in carrying out everyday tasks and chores. It allows you to easily attach notes, prints or drawing only with use of pins. The textile board is also an excellent planner that will work at any office, classroom, teacher’s room, canteen, and in the corridor of any public facility. A functional and durable textile board can also be used in any other creative, often unusual ways.

Textile boards at home can replace photo frames or become a field for the artist to show off. Using them, you can create mood board, display a collection of photos, posters and all other valuable souvenirs, documents, diplomas, cards and many more. A felt board is also an ideal place to display a lesson plan, a schedule of home duties or upcoming school, social or professional events.

Textile boards are sold with an assembly kit and a set of 50 pins.

We also offer custom-made textile boards of any size.
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