Black magnetic chalkboard


ALLboards black magnetic chalkboards are boards made with varnished steel plate. They have magnetic properties. You can attach magnets to its surface as well as other teaching aids with magnets (such as magnetic frames, maps, planners). You can write on the surface of black magnetic boards with chalk or chalk markers.

ALLboards black magnetic chalkboards are available in anodized aluminium frames, which means they are protected from turning grey. They are available in many sizes starting from 60x40cm to 200x100cm. The board can be attached to the wall through the mounting hole placed in the corners of the board. After attaching the board to the wall the mounting holes are secured with dummy plugs. The blackboards can be installed vertically or horizontally.

The magnetic black chalkboards can be used first of all in schools, universities or other educational institutions. The ALLboards boards are an ideal solution as a tool for organizing and writing down information in a clear and concise way. Chalkboards are a traditional solution known for many years and still well-functioning. In our offer we also have white and coloured chalk designed to use with them. Writing down information with the use of different colours makes learning and retaining information easier and more effective. The board comes in a set with a shelf for accessories, installation set, eraser, 10 colourful magnets and 1 yellow marker for chalkboards.

We also offer black magnetic boards made to order with any dimensions.
ALLboards UK
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