Black magnetic chalkboards

Black Magnetic Chalkboards

Black magnetic chalkboards are versatile tools suitable for various tasks. They can be used for teaching, writing task lists, or creating artwork. Commonly found in offices, restaurants, and pubs, these boards allow important information to be easily displayed and erased thanks to their dry-erase properties. Additionally, their magnetic surface enables the attachment of notes and cards using magnets.

Different Variants

Available in different sizes and styles, from 30x30 cm to 300x120 cm, magnetic blackboards come with options like aluminium or wooden frames, as well as frameless magnetic panels. They are ideal for both professional and personal spaces, providing ample room for notes, vocabulary, or mathematical problems. For children's rooms, house-shaped chalkboards offer both functionality and decoration. Opt for the large version if you need extra space to fit all your needs.


We also provide the option to create a project customised to meet individual needs.

Business Support

In businesses, magnetic chalkboards for wall are effective for advertising services or daily specials, particularly in the hospitality (HoReCa) industry. They allow easy menu display or promotion of special offers, setting establishments apart from competitors by using humoristic and catchy slogans.

Magnetic Chalkboard for the Office

In office settings, magnetic black chalkboards aid in organising meetings and tasks by providing a visible space for notes, briefings, and deadlines. They contribute to smoother workflow management; regardless of the size of your team.

Engage, Learn, and Have a Good Time

While magnetic blackboards are used for variety of purposes, primarily associated with education, offer engaging learning experiences with their versatile surface. Magnetic accessories, such as letters and numbers, enhance the learning process and aid in memorisation. For children, wall-mounted magnetic chalkboards provide a creative outlet for drawing and collage-making, making learning fun and interactive.
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