Black chalkboards


ALLboards black chalkboards are boards with a black durable surface made with HDF board covered with a special varnish. You can write on it with chalk or chalk markers and then erase the text with and eraser or a wipe. The surface of these boards is not magnetic. ALLboards black chalkboards are available in natural varnished wooden frames or colourful wooden frames. Besides the classic frames we also have products in original frames, which are characterized by modern design and wide range of colours. You can choose from many sizes starting with 50x40cm and ending with 200x120cm. Black chalkboards can be installed vertically or horizontally. The installation is done with special hangers included with the boards.

We also offer small double-sided chalkboards that can be placed on a table or a counter for example in a restaurant or a bar. The boards are placed on wooden varnished stands. They come in two sizes: A4 and A5. The double-sided surface lets you write prices of offered dishes, drinks or desserts as well as easy change of information like in case of writing down daily specials.

Black chalkboards can also be used in the hotel and gastronomic sector HORECA. They will work well in any space where there is need for frequent and easy change of information so in places like restaurants, bars, lunch bars, flower shops or pastry shops. It will allow you to write a fresh menu, specials or encouraging slogans. Chalkboards can also be a useful solution for small companies and businesses such as flower shops or local shops. Chalkboards are also a great choice for child’s bedroom, as a space for creative play, learning to write or draw. The sturdy and durable surface provides long-term use without damage. In our offer we have white and colourful chalk as well as chalk markers designed to write on chalkboards.

We also offer black chalkboards on stands, so called pavement signs or A sign. You can find them HERE. We also offer custom made chalkboards of any dimensions or print on them.
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