Glass boards

Glass boards

ALLboards glass boards are made of 4mm thick tempered glass. The choice of this material affects not only the strength of the board itself, but most of all safety during use. If dropped, the glass will break into lots of tiny pieces which will be retained on the surface by a special layer. The surface of glass boards has dry-wipe properties - you can write on it with dry-wipe markers or chalk markers, dedicated for glass boards. Afterwards the written text can be easily wiped off with a sponge or cloth. The back of each glass board is reinforced with galvanized ferromagnetic sheet, which gives it magnetic properties so special neodymium magnets can be attached to their surface.

ALLboards glass boards come in different colours. Classic boards have a slightly greenish hue associated with the natural shade of glass. Superwhite boards are characterized by intense white, as they are made of special, clear glass, which has been devoid of a greenish shade. The ALLboards offer also includes transparent glass boards, black glass boards and coloured glass boards, available in 56 different colours. The colour of the glass board is given by applying dye from the palette to the heat-sealable surface, placed between the glass and the laminate. The edges of each board are ground and the corners cut to right angles, giving the board a slim effect.

ALLboards glass boards are available in many sizes, ranging from 40x30cm to 240x120cm. The installation of glass boards up to the size of 120x90 cm is based on a rail system - the set includes a special rail, on which the board is hung after being attached to the wall. Larger boards are mounted on pegs, which should be properly matched to the type of material the wall was made of (plasterboard, brick, concrete, Ytong). Transparent boards are mounted on rotules, the so-called "feet", included in the set. After mounting, the board protrudes from the wall by approx. 5 mm. Each board can be hung vertically or horizontally.

Glass magnetic boards are an extraordinary product that combines the functionality of a classic dry-erase magnetic board with modern design. Glass magnetic boards fit perfectly into any interior: from traditional offices, through lofts, to sublime interiors of flats and apartments. Glass boards can be used as an aesthetic collection of notes, and at the same time constitute a decorative element of the room. Thanks to the possibility of dust-free writing with the use of dry-erase or chalk markers, as well as hassle-free cleaning, white magnetic dry-erase boards have become an attractive alternative to traditional chalkboards. They do not stain hands, clothes or the surface around the board, and at the same time do not pose a threat to allergy sufferers.

Each glass board includes a shelf for accessories.

We also offer glass boards made to order, to any size and with any print.
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