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Key Cabinets

Aesthetic and functional key cabinets

Key cabinets are small boxes that are usually mounted on the wall. Perfect for storage and organisation, they are used in various places. Key cabinets are especially useful in office and school spaces, as they enable organization and storage of items used to open and close doors. This eliminates the need for employees to constantly carry keys with them, and for the employer to repeatedly make copies of them. This also contributes to better control of access to rooms that should remain closed when not in use.

The perfect key cabinet

Choosing the right key cabinet is essential! Whether you're interested in a large or a small key cabinet, it's important that the one you choose meets your specific needs. A small lockable key cabinet works great in buildings with a small number of rooms, such as rental cottages or flats. When considering the purchase for corporate use, it's important to consider the number of keys to be stored. The character of the location where our functional decoration will be mounted is also important – a metal key cabinet will work well in industrial interiors decorated with a small number of accessories. A retro key cabinet, on the other hand, will look best on walls in living rooms.

Key cabinets for home use

A key cabinet can be an aesthetic and at the same time useful decoration. The various options available at ALLboards are characterized by a stylish glass surface, on which you can write with dry-erase markers and attach neodymium magnets. You can easily find the version that suits your interior style from the large selection of graphics on offer. Inside the cabinet, there are 52 slots that can be freely arranged according to individual needs.

Finding the right key cabinet for the hallway doesn't have to be difficult – if you value minimalism and want to emphasize it with the right accessories, check out locking key cabinets with doors in uniform colours. A black or white key cabinet can be an excellent contrasting element in any room. Depending on the colour of the wall shade, choose the appropriate decoration and experiment with the decor! If you prefer colourful and more dynamic designs, be sure to check out our full offer.
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