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KIDSboards – magnetic drawing boards for kids

KIDSboards – learn and play

KIDSboards is a series of ALLboards products dedicated to our youngest customers. It mainly consists of whiteboards for kids and accessories tailored to them. These are excellent teaching aids as well as tools that develop creativity. They can be used both for learning and play. A double-sided board for kids is a great example of a product supporting the multifaceted development of little ones. It is equipped with two surfaces - magnetic and chalk. On one side, you can draw with chalk and develop artistic skills, and the other, can be used to acquire other skills such as building complex sentences with dry erase markers or attaching magnetic numbers and letters.

Kids whiteboard – tailored to the needs of your child

Due to the variety of options, you can easily find a product tailored to the preferences and needs of your child. To support the development of specific skills, it is worth choosing an option dedicated to that purpose. A drawing board for children will delight any young artist. You can opt for both a version with a chalk surface and a magnetic-dry erase one - both allow you to create interesting but easily erasable drawings. When making your decision, remember that a chalkboard for children is only compatible with chalk and chalk markers. If you prefer a product that allows the use of dry erase markers, check out magnetic boards for kids with such properties. If you're looking for a suitable product to support language learning for your little one, a writing board for children may be an interesting solution. A board with any chosen surface will also work for this purpose. However, it's a good idea to pay attention to the appearance of the product - a more interesting shape such as a house, will surely make learning and sentence building more enjoyable for the child.

The perfect board for your child's room

Your choices may vary depending on your shopping priorities. If aesthetic values are important to you, pay attention to more decorative options such as a cork board for children with a world map theme or a magnetic wall board for children from the Forest Animals collection. The first option, besides being a great and useful decoration, can stimulate curiosity about the world in the youngest ones, while the latter will serve as an aesthetic surface for pinning notes and lesson plans with magnets. A board with magnets for children is also a good place for creating collages and pinning posters with images of favourite cartoon characters. Decorations can be easily changed, which is a definite advantage when the product is used by a child. The perfect children's board is not only an excellent educational support and a source of fun but also an accessory that gives character to the interior. Remember about the warming properties of wood and the versatility of aluminium when opting for variants with frames made of these materials.
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