Chopping boards

Glass cutting board - use it in many ways The glass cutting board is an extremely versatile kitchen utensil. It has many uses in both homes and restaurants. Use as a hygienic yet elegant cutting board for a variety of foods such as fruit, vegetables, meat or bread. Use as a protective plate for your cooker to protect it from damage. Also use as a protective glass plate for the wall next to the cooker to avoid dirt and splashes. In addition, the glass cutting board is also a perfect tray for hot and cold snacks thanks to its attractive design. You will also successfully use it as a coaster for hot dishes thanks to its heat resistance. Finally, the glass cutting board is also an additional work surface that adds an aesthetic touch to your kitchen interior design. A stylish addition to any kitchen A glass kitchen board is a stylish addition to any kitchen. Each glass cutting board features a unique design that provides an elegant kitchen decoration. The graphics depict a variety of themed designs such as granite, tomatoes, spices, asparagus, wine and many other images to suit different interior styles. Thanks to modern technology, the colours are saturated and faithfully reproduced.
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