Flipcharts are portable or mobile boards of compact dimensions, which can also be used as a block frame. White, varnished surfaces of flipcharts have dry-wipe properties - they can be written on with dry-wipe markers, and the written text can be easily wiped off with a sponge or cloth. Flipcharts also have magnetic properties - magnets can be attached to their surface, as well as other dedicated accessories and magnetic teaching aids. Some flipcharts are additionally equipped with two folding arms, which can be used to hang sheets of paper, leaving a dry-wipe surface for quick notes. The sheets of paper are attached to the arms with magnets.

ALLboards flipcharts are boards placed on tripod stands or racks with castors, which, thanks to their solid structure, lightness and mobility, can be easily moved between rooms in order to place them wherever they are needed. Flipcharts have height adjustment systems, as well as hooks with adjustable spacing, on which you can hang blocks, teaching aids, charts, maps.

ALLboards flipcharts come in several different sizes. Their assembly is hassle free - most of them are ready to use out of the box.

A flipcharts are a perfect complement to an office, training and conference centre, as well as a school, where there is a need to purchase additional presentation equipment. Small flipcharts are perfect both in the office and at home, where artistic souls live, and if necessary, they can act as information boards for guests of business meetings, school celebrations or customers of shops and service premises. Flipcharts with a slightly larger usable area are an excellent choice for any conference room, office space and classrooms, lecture and training rooms, conducting classes for a small number of students.

Depending on the model, ALLboards products are sold as a sets with shelves and accessories such as a sponge, markers, and a block.

We also offer custom-made flipcharts with any print.
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