Flipchart – communicate with ease

A flipchart is a type of portable or sliding whiteboard used to organize and present information. It is characterized by its compact size, making it easy to fit into any space. It is perfect for business meetings, trainings, conferences and other events – wherever there is a need for visual presentation of information. Flipcharts are especially popular in offices, where they are used to outline strategies and ideas related to key projects. The most classic tripod flipchart is often associated with classes in schools and universities. The mobile flipchart is additionally equipped with wheels.

What is a flipchart and why do you need one?

A magnetic flipchart with a dry-erase surface will support you in completing any task - whether you need to organize a business trip or explain a specific issue to an audience in the room. It is a universal product used by students, teachers, and employees of various organizations. You can write on it with dedicated markers, and old notes can be easily erased with a sponge or cloth. Important documents can be easily pinned to the surface using special holders or magnets. If necessary, use the height adjustment system to customize the height to your needs. A flipchart with arms is a version equipped with two expandable side wings, to which you can attach flipchart paper sheets with magnets. Take advantage of this opportunity to keep space on the dry-erase surface for other notes such as mind maps or lists of ideas created with the team. The flipchart board with sheets on the sides allows for comprehensible presentation of any concept without having to flip pages - this way you gain constant access to all relevant information. Doesn't this sound like the perfect office flipchart? A magnetic flipchart board will also be a useful item in your home. It doesn't take up much space, so you can even place it in the living room. With its help, you can plan household chores, but also flip charts and easels are a great place to doodle or draw. A dry-erase flipchart, thanks to its multi-use surface, will allow you to unleash all of your creativity without guilt!

Mobile flipchart – support where you need it

Flip chart boards are a particularly good choice if you need a tool that will help you complete daily tasks and also be easy to move between rooms. You can use them anywhere and at any time. Whether you opt for a flipchart on wheels or a more static version, moving them is never much trouble - although the mobile flipchart is easier to shift. ALLboards flipcharts, depending on the model, are sold in sets with shelves and accessories such as a sponge, markers, and a flipchart pad. We also offer custom-made flipchart boards with printed graphics.
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