Magnetic MetalBoards

Magnetic blackboard with magnets - an interesting decorative option The printed magnetic board is a unique decoration for many spaces and an alternative to the traditional wall poster. Thanks to the bent corners of the sheet it has an interesting 3D effect. At ALLboards, we offer many themed graphics that fit in with different interior styles. Concrete, marble, rust, wood, but also a map of the world or children's graphics. The innovative printing technique perfectly reproduces the colour saturation, which remains intact and visible for many years. It is an unconventional and innovative decoration for rooms. The advantages of the board, in addition to its futuristic appearance, include the smoothness of the surface and a delicate sheen that gives character to the decorated room. Use in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, children's room, but also as a decoration in the workplace, office, restaurant, café or hotel. Dual functionality Metalboards is a versatile combination of a functional writing board with decorative elements. It combines an elegant appearance while serving as a practical tool for organisation and communication. Printed magnetic whiteboards have both dry-wipe and magnetic properties. Markers can be written on the surface, which can then be easily erased with a cloth or sponge. Magnets of all kinds can also be attached to the board: traditional, souvenir, trip or neodymium magnets. Write down important information or notes, attach them with magnets and use them
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