Dry wipe magnetic whiteboard

Dry wipe magnetic whiteboards

ALLboards dry-erase magnetic whiteboards with a classic, white, varnished surface. This surface has dry-wipe properties - you can write on it with dry-wipe markers, and the text can be easily wiped off with a sponge or cloth. Whiteboards also have magnetic properties - magnets can be attached to its surface, as well as other dedicated accessories and teaching aids (such as magnetic frames, maps, planners). ALLboards white magnetic dry-erase boards are available with anodized aluminium frames (protected against greying) or with wooden frames, in the shade of natural wood or as well as in 5 other colours: green, blue, red, navy blue and pink. ALLboards products are available in many sizes, ranging from 60x40cm to 300x120cm. They are characterized by easy installation with the use of pegs or a hanging rail. The boards can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

White magnetic dry-erase boards can be used not only in offices, conference rooms, schools, kindergartens and universities, but also in private apartments and home workplaces. Our boards are perfect tools for collecting and saving information in a fast and transparent way. Thanks to the possibility of dust-free writing without the use of chalk and hassle-free cleaning, dry-erase magnetic whiteboards have become an attractive alternative to traditional chalkboards. They do not stain hands, clothes or the surface around the board, and at the same time do not pose a threat to allergy sufferers.

Each white board has a shelf for accessories and a set of pegs to hang the board included. To selected magnetic whiteboards with aluminium frames, we add a set of: a magnetic sponge, magnets and markers - indicated by the graphics in the first photo of each product. We also offer dry-erase magnetic boards made to order, to any size and with any imprint.
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