School boards


In the category of boards for schools and institutions we have a range of different ALLboards. Among them we have white dry-erase magnetic boards, boards with a printed design, ceramic magnetic dry-erase P3 boards, black and green magnetic boards, triptych-style boards, information display cases and moderation walls, as well as interactive boards and teaching aids.

White magnetic dry-erase ALLboards are boards with classic white, varnished surface. The surface has dry-erase properties. You can write on it using dry-erase markers and the written text can be easily removed with an eraser or a cloth wipe. White boards have also magnetic properties: you can attach to their surface magnets as well as accessories and other teaching aids with a magnet (such as magnetic frames, maps, and planners).

Ceramic/porcelain magnetic dry-erase ALLboards are boards with an extremely durable surface made with varnished steel plate coated with a special ceramic layer, which considerably increases surface resistance to UV rays, scratches or other possible damage. The surface has dry-erase and magnetic properties.

Green and black magnetic chalkboards are boards with surfaces made of varnished steel plate. They have magnetic properties so you can attach to them magnets and additionally you can write on their surface with chalk.

The triptych style school boards are boards that can be unfolded thanks to which you can gain additional and incredibly useful work surface. We offer triptych boards with three different surfaces: white dry-erase magnetic surface, ceramic boards, and green chalkboards with magnetic properties. Additionally, we are able to print on the surface writing lines, writing graph grid or staff for writing music notes.

Information display cases are an indispensable tool when you want to display important announcements or information, which requires special distinction or additional protection. The display cases can be locked with a key, which will additionally protect the information posted from damage or being taken down by a bystander. We offer several types of display cases including announcement boards that can be installed outdoors. You will find in our offer boards with white dry-erase surfaces as well as textile and cork surfaces, which allow for use of pushpins.

We also offer accessories for school boards in form of teaching aids, board attachments such as magnetic maps, multiplication tables, panels with graph or ruled design.

The frames of boards for schools and institutions are made of anodised aluminium, which protects them from turning grey. The frames are finished with ash grey corners that help with installation. The boards for schools and institutions are available in various sizes, which makes it easy to select a product with the most suitable dimensions.

The boards you can find in this category will work great in kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, universities and other educational institutions. They will also work well in institutions conducting trainings, language courses or workshops.

Chalkboards are a traditional solution known for years and still functioning well. We offer white and coloured chalk designed to use with chalkboards. Because the dry-erase magnetic and ceramic boards allow taking notes without chalk, so dust free and easy to clean, they became an attractive alternative to traditional chalkboards. They don’t dirty your hands, clothing or the surface around the board and they are not dangerous to people with allergies. Although nowadays we are moving towards new methods of note taking and memorizing it is a known fact that a written text is easier to remember. The colourful markers and chalk that can be found in our offer allow for presenting information in an interesting way.

We also offer school boards made to order in any dimension and with any printed design.
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