Cork notice boards

Corkboards - a universal tool

The cork board remains one of the most popular choices for offices and homes. It continues to be the most popular and essential equipment in spaces where organization is key. It is characterized by versatility and simplicity of design. Cork notice boards allow you to pin notes, photos, documents, and other items using pins or tacks. Cork boards for walls hung above a desk, help in organizing information efficiently. They provide an excellent space for organization as well as creativity.

For home, office, school

Whether large or small, a cork board is an excellent planner that will work in any office, classroom, teacher's room, or school cafeteria, as well as in the hallway of any public facility. Meanwhile, in the comfort of your home, a cork display board can replace photo frames or become a canvas for artistic expressions. With a framed cork board, you can create a mood board, showcase a collection of photos, posters, and all other valuable memorabilia, documents, diplomas, and post cards. They are also useful in the kitchen for pinning recipes and in the bedroom for displaying inspiring quotes. Cork boards for children are also an ideal place to pin lesson schedules, household chores, or upcoming school or social events.

High quality

Our offer includes products made of Portuguese cork with an FDC certificate and certified chipboard produced in Poland. The cork we use is dense, elastic, and compact, thus it does not crumble even after multiple pin insertions. The thickness of the cork board is approximately 10mm. Cork board frames are available in aluminium made of high-quality sheet metal, in wood with corners cut at a 45-degree angle, and also in wood painted in various colours (blue, navy, pink, green, or red). They can be hung vertically or horizontally.

Match the style of the board to your needs

To meet the needs of customers, we have created boards in various shades of cork. We offer white, black, grey, as well as cork boards in blue, mint, or pink. We offer boards in several different sizes, starting from a small cork board of 40x30cm, up to large cork boards measuring 300x120cm. With such a wide range of sizes, we can place them both directly above the desk, even if we do not have a very large wall space, as well as on doors, cabinet doors, and in any other place where we have a piece of flat surface. When it comes to assembly, it is practically not required - the board is ready to hang after being taken out of the box. In our store, you will also find a range of accessories for the cork boards we offer, including pins for cork boards. We also offer custom-made cork boards.
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