Cork bulletin boards

Bulletin cork boards

We offer cork boards made of Portuguese FSC-certified cork and certified fibreboard, made in Europe. The cork used in our products is dense, flexible and compact, therefore the surface does not crumble even after repeated insertion of push pins. The boards are approximately 10mm.

Cork boards are available with aluminium frames, made of high-quality sheet metal, or with wooden frames with corners cut at an angle of 45 degrees, varnished in various colours (natural, blue, navy blue, pink, green or red).

Cork boards can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Offer includes cork boards in several different sizes, ranging from 40x30cm to 300x120cm. Thanks to such a wide range of sizes of cork boards, we can place them both right above the desk, even if we do not have too much wall surface, on the doors, furniture door or any other place where we have a piece of even surface. No assembly is required - the board is ready to hang out of the box.

A cork board is still the most popular item at every office or place where the organising a day must be flawless! Suspended above the desk helps in carrying out everyday agenda. It allows you to easily place notes, prints only with the use of push pins.

A cork board is also an excellent planner that will work at every office, a classroom, a teachers' room or a school canteen, as well as in the corridor of any public facility. The functional and durable cork board can also be used in many other creative, often unusual ways.

Cork boards at home can replace photo frames or become a gallery for an artist to show off. Using them, you can create a mood board, display a collection of photos, posters and all other valuable souvenirs, documents, diplomas, cards. A cork board is also an ideal place to locate a lesson plan, a schedule of home chores or upcoming school, social and professional events.

In our store you will also find a number of accessories including push pins for cork boards.

We also offer cork boards made to order, to any size.
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