MEGAboards – ceramic projection boards bigger than all others

The world of magnetic whiteboards has so far been based on standard dimensions. While the length was not a problem, reaching even 300 cm, the height of the whiteboards was limited to 120 cm. MEGAboards series from ALLboards is a complete novelty, which introduces large whiteboards on the market – even 150 cm high, which still retain all their purposes.


Ceramic projection boards from the MEGAboards series retain all essential functions. They are magnetic, dry erasable and can be used as a screen for a multimedia projector. The surface of the whiteboard is covered with a special ceramic, abrasion-resistant coating. The ceramic surface has a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty.



The size of MEGAboards is a complete novelty. These boards are characterized by their non-standard height, which is as much as 1.5 m. It is a dimension unattainable for other producers. The offer includes whiteboards in five standard lengths: 1.5m, 1.8m, 2m, 2.4m and 3m, however the length of the board can also be selected individually by the customer, since each of the MEGAboards is made to order.



Installation of the product, despite its dimensions, should not cause any problems. In the corners of the structure of each of them there are special mounting holes. The set of all ceramic boards includes screws and assembly instructions. Plastic plugs included in the set will make the mounting elements completely invisible and will not disturb its aesthetics.


MEGAboards series boards are perfect for large spaces and large rooms. Due to used projection technology, which is an unique concept of ALLboards, these boards are perfect for offices and larger conference rooms.


Click [HERE] and learn more about MEGAboards. Whiteboards in non-standard dimensions can fill the space where such a product is needed. We provide professional advice with the service of delivering the board to your door.

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