Pavement signs, chalkboards and tabletop chalkboards, are the best products to attract customers to your store and venues.

The HoReCa industry (HOtels, REstaurants, COffee shops) is gaining popularity every year. Many companies have decided to prepare products dedicated to that group.
This year ALLboards has expanded its product offer with new variants of pavement signs, tabletop chalkboards or chalkboards. And that is not all!


Pavement signs


The chalkboard pavement signs have a black, durable surface on which you can write with chalk or chalk markers. With the help of a sponge or cloth, you can easily erase text or a drawn picture. All accessories for that product family are available [HERE]The A-boards are great for indoor and outdoor use.

Pavement signs form ALLboards are available in many types of frames, such as:


Moreover, ALLboards offer 3 types of chalkboard surfaces:



Furthermore, they are available in three sizes: 100x60cm, 118x61cm and 150x61cm. On top of that upon request, we can make a product in any size, including non-standard ones!


Advertising boards are an ideal solution, primarily for the hospitality sector, as well as any other business.

It is a functional decoration of the premises that will attract customers, so they will work well in bars, cafes, lunch bars and bakeries. It is also a great solution for smaller businesses, such as shops, florists, barber shops and hair and beauty salons.


A-board frame could also be a great choice for a child’s room, as a place for creative games or to learn to write and draw.


You can write absolutely anything on it. A new menu, promotions, offers, as well as pictures or catchy slogans that will draw the attention of anyone who passes them.


We also offer bespoke pavement signs made to order, to any size, with any print or engraving.






Black chalkboards from ALLboards have a durable surface, made of HDF or ABS board, covered with a special varnish.

You can write on it with chalk or chalk markers, and then wipe the text with a sponge or cloth.


ALLboards black chalkboards are available in various types of frames, such as:
And different surfaces:






ALLboards’ HoReCa offer also includes small, double-sided tabletop chalkboards in many shapes and patterns.

Thanks to their chalkboard surface you can easily write on them with chalk or chalk markers. Perfect to provide your customers with all the information they need.

Perfect for placing on a table or counter, e.g. in a restaurant or a bar.

The tabletop boards are fastened on wooden, varnished stands.


They are available in many unique designs:




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