Dry wipe double-sided revolving mobile whiteboards

Dry wipe double-sided revolving mobile whiteboards

Dry-erase magnetic mobile whiteboards have been placed on functional anodized aluminium stands (protected against greying). The stands have wheels that guarantee easy transport of the board from place to place. The white, varnished surfaces of the boards have dry-wipe properties - they can be written on with dry-wipe markers, and the written text can be easily wiped off with a sponge or cloth. As those boards are also magnetic - you can attach magnets to their surface, as well as magnetic accessories. The rotating mobile boards are double-sided, which means that one product offers you two practical working surfaces. We also offer mobile whiteboards with a ceramic surface, which are extremely resistant to scratches and damage.

Mobile whiteboard frames are characterized by a stable and solid structure. They have special blocking castors systems that protect the board against spontaneous movement. In addition those mobile boards have dedicated shelves for accessories such as markers or magnets. Some of our mobile boards have additional space adjustable hooks or holders for paper pad blocks.

Revolving boards are available in various sizes, ranging from 120x90cm to 250x120cm. Certainly everyone will find one for themselves. The boards assembly is easy and takes a few simple steps.

The mobile whiteboards we offer have a double-sided, magnetic and dry-erase surface, which makes them extremely useful equipment in every office, school classroom and other rooms intended for business meetings, teaching, presenting or planning the daily duties. The boards with an extremely resistant ceramic surface and solid frames on wheels, which is included in our offer, are perfect for the industrial spaces, often exposed to harsh working conditions. The mobile board is an ideal solution for production halls and workshops. Wheel locks is a great improvement, which is preventing unwanted movement of the board.

Mobile boards are sold with a complete assembly kit and a shelf. Some models include additional accessories, such as markers, paper blocks or a sponge.

We also offer custom-made mobile boards, to any size and with any print.
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