Safe space


The safe space section includes a number of products that, in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic, are essential for work and study places. Those products allow for a smooth return to the normal functioning of the economy. The products we offer include protective barriers that prevent the spread of viruses, reduce the risk of infection, and thus increase the safety of employees and customers.

Protective screens offered by ALLboards are made of glass or acrylic glass, both ensures practical, quick and budget friendly support in the process of returning to the workplace. Protective barriers contribute to reducing the spread of the coronavirus. They can be used in the office, studio, factory, hospital, clinic, pharmacy, shop, bakery, gastronomy, in any place where such a danger may arise. Our offer also includes a disinfection station. This is a special stand on which you can place disinfectants and place it at the entrance to the store, office or classroom. You can also find anti-virus/anti-bacterial liquids or gels in our store's offer.
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