How to choose a projection screen? Which projection screen is the best?

A projection screen is one of the basic elements of modern office equipment. Today, no one can imagine a conference room without a projection screen. How to display an important presentation without it? We advise on how to choose a projection screen that is perfect for specific conditions. There are many possibilities!


The main functionality of any projection screen is to ensure the maximum quality of the content displayed on it. Presentations projected on a white wall often lose colour and make the image not clear. Professional projection screen ensures comfort of viewing content. So let’s point out a few elements of what to consider when choosing a projection screen and what parameters should be important.

Portable projection screens

If you are looking for compact solutions and your projection screen is to be used between several rooms, then we recommend portable projection screens. These types of screens are easy to transport from place to place. They are characterized primarily by lower weight and simple erecting mechanism, while maintaining great quality. Portable projection screens stay stable thanks to a tripod metal base with a locking system. They have a white, Matt White surface with a black frame to increase the contrast of the viewed image. The full range of mobile screens can be found [HERE]


Ceiling suspended projection screens

The second type of projection screens are suspended screens, mounted in the ceiling. These screens are extendable and you can simply fold them when you are done using them. Depending on the dimensions, these screens are perfect for larger and smaller conference rooms, school rooms and offices. These products also have a Matt White surface. Ceiling suspended projection screens can even reach a size of 3x3m. These screens are characterized by a wide viewing angle, thanks to which the viewers positioned at a large angle to the axis of the screen will still be able to clearly see the content displayed on the screen. The structure of ceiling projection screens are durable and remain resistant to long-term use.

We divide suspended projection screens into:

  • remote controlled – equipped with a very quiet mechanism, wirelessly operated by a remote control with a range of up to 20m – full offer [HERE]
  • manual – equipped with a silent spring mechanism, easy to unwind. The screen is rolled into a special cassette that protects the product against damage – full offer [HERE]


Ceramic projection boards P4

Ceramic projection boards are an interesting alternative to typical projection screens. These ceramic whiteboards are characterized by high resistance to abrasion and damage. In addition they are protected by a 25-year warranty. Ceramic boards are incredibly functional. They have all properties of dry-wipe magnetic whiteboards. P4 ceramic projection boards have a mat surface, thanks to which there are no reflections affecting the quality of the presentation when projecting the image. Its great advantage as they can be used as a screen for a projector and as a whiteboard even at the same time! You can write on it, circle the most important elements and attach magnetic elements, thanks to which content can become a unique presentation elevated to the next level. The full range of ceramic projection screens can be found [HERE]


Ceramic projection boards MEGAboards

MEGAboards series are part of the ceramic projection boards described above. However, MEGAboards stand out from other boards with their dimensions. Thanks to the unique production technology, these boards are characterized by a non-standard height, which is up to 1.5 m. It is a dimension unattainable for other producers. The offer includes boards with five standard lengths: 1.5m, 1.8m, 2m, 2.4m and 3m. However the length of the board can also be individually customised by the customer, as each of the MEGAboards are made to order. Larger projection whiteboards are available [HERE]


Customize the projection screen to your needs

The offer of projection screens is vast, everyone will surely find something for themselves, depending on the needs. Before choosing a projection screen, you should consider what you want to achieve while using the projector. What lighting conditions prevail in the room. What options are available in the room in terms of mounting How the screen is to be operated and what will be its main purpose. Is it worth it? Definitely yes. Even the simplest and cheapest projection screen will improve the quality of the presented content.

If you are still in doubt  about which projection screen to choose, do not hesitate to contact us!


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