Advertising board – inexpensive and effective marketing

Advertising accompanies us every day in various forms. Companies try to attract the attention of customers and stand out from other companies. An effective and inexpensive alternative among advertising tools are advertising pavement signs used by restaurants, coffee shops, pubs and other places of public space. What exactly are a pavement signs? What types are available? And how can we use them effectively? 

A pavement sign is a portable, double-sided stand that allows you to present advertisements of various sizes in a unique and interesting way. It can be placed on the sidewalk, near the store, as well as inside the cinema, theatre, museum, or restaurant, increasing the chance that the company’s key message will be noticed.

The advertising pavement sign is a universal product. It can present information about a special offer, present the restaurant’s menu, provide direction to our venue, present the agenda of the event or any other information. 

A-boards, table top chalkboards and regular chalkboards, and all other products that will attract the attention of customers to your premises, have become an extremely effective advertising medium. The advertising pavement signs are also relatively inexpensive compared to other forms of advertising, which is why more and more small and medium-sized businesses reach for this way of distinguishing their company. Another advantage is their mobility. Thanks to their light weight, they can be easily moved from place to place, increasing the range of advertising. Looking for an affordable way to advertise?

The information you put on the advertising board can be easily modified and updated, thanks to which your advertising content will always be adapted to current needs or changes in business.

 Outdoor advertising is often described as an ineffective solution, but in fact it has a significant impact on increasing consumer awareness, which translates into increased noticeability of passers-by and improving your image. Both chalk boards and advertising boards are a creative form of promotion that will attract the customer’s attention, interest potential customers, and encourage them to take advantage of the offer.

or local, small businesses, advertising boards are the best way to reach their target group by placing advert directly in the space they frequent. They also increase the likelihood that a passer-by will notice the premises and enter it, thanks to eye-catching graphics and a clear marketing message. For which companies can advertising boards prove to be an excellent marketing investment?

This will be great for restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, shops, but also for theatres, museums, cinemas, flower shops and even car rentals, and office buildings. 

Advertising boards can be fully adapted to your needs. In addition to choosing the size of the presented graphics, you can also choose the colour of the frame, as well as the type of stand. ALLboards offers, among others, an advertising board on four legs, which when unfolded resembles A letter at it shape. A slightly different variety is an advertising board in the form of a stand supported on two horizontal profiles.

For people who require special stability, the water base advertising board is recommended, the base of which can be filled with water or sand, which guarantees resistance to difficult weather conditions such as strong wind or heavy rain. The stability is also strengthened by additional springs that allow the product to bend slightly under the influence of the wind, adapting to its strength. 

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