Is it worth booking a table??

When looking for a place where we can spend our free time, we often follow the opinions on the Internet and the reputation of the place. We are looking for the perfect restaurant or venue. We finally have it! And a dilemma comes: make a booking / reserve a table, limiting the freedom to leave at any time, or skip the reservation and hope that there will be a table or a space for us ?

There is one unquestionable  advantage  in not making an earlier reservation: we have the freedom to show up when we want to. Whether it took longer for you to prepare yourself to leave the house That’s okay. Traffic jams in the streets? No problem.

Change of plans and resignation from going out? Okay! ??

But what if we finally go to the selected restaurant and there are no tables available? Disappointment, change of plans, spoil the mood.

Is it worth the risk? Better not! ❌

It is worth booking a table before going out. Despite having less freedom, you can always postpone or cancel your booking. Thanks to the reservation, we have a guarantee that a table in your favourite place will be waiting for us and our friends.

There are also such situations. Some premises do not provide reservation services. This is an undoubted downside from the customer’s perspective.

What can you do then❓

It is definitely worth contacting the venue ✅

Although the reservations are not officially made, there is a chance to set a time frame for the arrival, or to confirm by phone that there will be a free table at a given time.

It is also worth recommending the restaurant to change its approach to the subject! Maybe they will be convinced by a good looking and high quality tabletop chalk board which already says ‘RESERVATION’ on it?

Would an unconventional choice be more appropriate for decorating the space? No problem!

We have Double Sided Chalkboards in many shapes and sizes!

The entire offer of table top chalkboards

After analysing the arguments, everyone has to answer for themselves whether it is worth booking a table, but regardless of the choice, the most important thing is to spend your free time in amazing company and in a relaxing way ?

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