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Sketchnoting – what it is and why it’s worth starting?

Sketchnoting is a technique of creating creative notes using illustrations, symbols, and letters. It stimulates creativity, improves concentration, and enhances the retention of information. Its popularity has grown worldwide in recent years due to its numerous advantages, which can be utilized in work, school, and daily life.   What is sketchnoting and when can it be […]

Spring cleaning, or how to refresh the interior with taste?

Spring has arrived, and many of us are preparing for spring cleaning. For many people, this is the time not only to get rid of the clutter accumulated over the year, but also to refresh the interior. Often, we repaint the walls, buy new furniture, get some new and interesting decorations.  How to refresh the […]

Advertising board – inexpensive and effective marketing

Advertising accompanies us every day in various forms. Companies try to attract the attention of customers and stand out from other companies. An effective and inexpensive alternative among advertising tools are advertising pavement signs used by restaurants, coffee shops, pubs and other places of public space. What exactly are a pavement signs? What types are […]

Self-adhesive sticky-notes – discover modern solutions.

Traditional, yellow sticky notes have been with us for years. They fulfil many useful functions, which made them mandatory at every home, office, and school. We present a complete novelty which will revolutionise such a popular product. Checkout our reusable sticky notes that are the future thanks to their unique features!  Electrostatic and reusable sticky […]

Printed boards – is it worth personalising products??️?

Printed boards – is it worth personalising products? ?️? In times of unlimited access to various products, we try to do not only well–thought-out purchases, but also look for items that will stand out with uniqueness. Buying traditional gifts is slowly being replaced by unconventional ideas, for example printed boards. Is it worth designing personalized […]

Back To School – best way to prepare for going back to classes

The last days of summer break are time for preparation to return to school. Have you ever asked yourself what products do you need for school to improve studying or teaching? What will come in handy during the school year? In this article, we will try to bring this topic closer and help you choose […]

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